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Someone recently tweeted out a timeline for different companies to achieve trillion-dollar assets. These assets include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Bitcoin. Out of these assets, Bitcoin took only 12 years to achieve the goal. And the most amazing thing is that Bitcoin is a completely automated system that naturally creates a trillion-dollar asset size. So the very natural question that follows is which crypto-digital asset will be the next to reach the trillion-dollar asset size first?

If we look at the current market cap of crypto digital assets, Polkadot and Cardano are already in the top 5. I think…

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“Theoretically Satoshi Nakamoto is already the richest man in the world.”— — Wang Xing

Wang Xing is the founder of Meituan and also a bitcoin investor. This is Wang Xing’s latest statement on Bitcoin after its price hit the $50,000 mark. Recently, not only Wang Xing but many others have been speaking out on bitcoin one after another. They include Tesla’s Musk, Bridgewater Fund’s Dalio, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Surprisingly, they are all in agreement on bitcoin — they are bullish on bitcoin, and even Gates, who once claimed he would short bitcoin, has become neutral. Why are so many…

Just a few days later, the world’s second approved bitcoin ETF was revealed.

On February 16, Canadian fund manager Evolve Funds Group Inc announced on its website that it has been approved to launch a bitcoin ETF, saying it has filed a prospectus to issue a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) that will trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols “EBIT” and “EBIT.U”. According to the prospectus, the ETF is established under the laws of Ontario.

Raj Lala, President and CEO of Evolve ETF, said, “The Bitcoin ETF is exciting news for investors. Investors will be able to…

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Gary Gensler, a former chairman of the CFTC and crypto expert, has been confirmed as the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He has been a member of the MIT Business School and teaches a course on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and has made several public statements that both bitcoin and Ethereum have clear securities characteristics, so his appointment is seen as a sign that the U.S. government will bring cryptocurrencies under full regulation.

Bitcoin trading has become more common in the United States, and products such as bitcoin futures and bitcoin options have emerged in the securities market…

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In the opening month of 2021, Bitcoin was on a roller coaster ride. After breaking through $41,000 at the beginning of the year and then falling below the $30,000 barrier, it is currently fluctuating around $34,000, and investors are actually experiencing both the ice and fire of investing. In the face of bitcoin’s ups and downs, the market attitude is also polarized, so how do industry analysts and well-known investment institutions view the market?

Investment institutions and Twitter celebrities: prices may soar

First of all, the most recent strongest callout representatives are WSB Chairman and Musk.

On January 28, 2021, WSB Chairman, the opinion leader of the WallStreetBets…

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Last week Coinbase announced that it would become a public company through a direct public offering (DPO), and at almost the same time, Grayscale announced the registration of a new UNI trust fund product.

Whether this is a coincidence or not is unclear, but what is certain is that Coinbase is proactively embracing the mainstream market and Uniswap is being sought after by the mainstream.

One is the world’s largest centralized exchange and the other is the world’s largest decentralized exchange. Compared to Coinbase, I’d rather talk about Uniswap.

Excluding the FOMO sentiment brought on by the recent UNI price…

Rey Dario recently published “What I really think of Bitcoin?”. In this article, he expressed his analysis and views on Bitcoin. This article provides some comments on Dario’s views in this area for the reader’s reference.

Dario’s investment views are not suitable for the average investor

As the 79th richest person in the world by Bloomberg in 2020 and a fund manager with more than $148 billion in funds under management, Ray Dario has his strengths and limitations when it comes to investing. His total capitalization determines that it can only be invested in asset types that have a large market capitalization, high liquidity and are fully compliant.

The current…

DOGE, which no one asked for, surprisingly soared 4 times overnight!

According to QKL123 data, DOGE violently pulled up from $0.018 to $0.086 last night, surging 400% overnight, with a market cap of up to over $9 billion for a time, placing it in the top 7 of cryptocurrency market caps, surpassing emerging DeFi leaders such as AAVE and UNI, as well as long-standing mainstream coins such as BCH and LTC. The market cap ranking and price had fallen back at press time.

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The DeFi revolution is in full swing and promises to challenge traditional finance, but what are some promising scenarios beyond DeFi that will help blockchain be accepted by the mainstream? This article describes four scenarios that have the potential to be understood and used by mainstream consumers for blockchain.

Scenario 1: Earn while you make

Who wouldn’t want to be rewarded or compensated for their time, knowledge, data, or hard work, whether online or not? Today, we have all become free laborers for various online activities. In the Web 2.0 era, value capture has shifted to those who provide actionable information to users. …

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The bitcoin bull market continues, up so crazy that it doesn’t even rationale. Outside the circle also came the happy news, 2021 January 7 when the new energy vehicle company Tesla stock was burst pulled, not only the company’s market value exceeded Facebook, Tesla founder Musk’s value also exceeded Amazon’s CEO Bezos, became the world’s richest person.

The wealth code of Tesla is simple. They are crazy to reduce the price of their products when their products are over-performing, and manufacturers are constantly iterating their functions, and the company can completely carry out product premium through the high-end image. The…


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