World’s Second Bitcoin ETF Approved: Weakening its Decentralization Attributes?

Bitcoin ETFs: Helping Investors Gain “Liquidity” and “Asset Security”

“This whole bitcoin ETF issue is mainly an indication that bitcoin is slowly starting to come into the mainstream investment capital. There are actually many institutions that used to want to invest in bitcoin, but have been lacking a legitimate investment tool.” A bitcoin investor told

Impact on bitcoin price

Yu Jianing believes that the successful approval of the Bitcoin ETF means that anyone with a compliant stock account can now indirectly buy Bitcoin. For the Bitcoin market, users will be elevated by an unimaginable order of magnitude, including retail investors and institutions in traditional finance who can buy Bitcoin in large quantities, and the market will see another dimensional upgrade.

Will decentralization attributes weaken?

The above-mentioned bitcoin investor said that the real bitcoin will be increasingly concentrated in the hands of institutions as Grayscale funds, large corporations and institutional funds like bitcoin ETFs enter later.

May Boost U.S. and Other Countries to Launch Bitcoin ETFs

“This is a good boost to the launch of a bitcoin-based ETF in the United States.” Yanxi Gu said.



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